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November 22, 2012



I remember my Tunis Thanksgiving vividly! So much like yours. Thanks for bringing it back. I miss the souk, the Algerian cigarettes, but mostly my friends and that time. Happy American Thanksgiving. There is nothing like being in another culture to make one understand what it is to be American.


An absolutely terrific story, and what a wonderful memory. Despite all odds...

Paula Moyer

Great memory, Gayla! Nice to see this piece develop. Brings back memories of my first Thanksgiving away from family.

Bruce Nelson

Well written, Gayla. Recreating a traditional Thanksgiving so far away from home was a real challenge. Both the meal and the gathering of friends sound very memorable. It's always interesting remembering long ago events and who we were when we were living them.


What wonderful memories of Tunisia Gayla! I could almost taste and smell all the food you made! I imagine your deft fingers busy preparing and cooking the small turkey. Your article made me very happy and longing for more from you and about you. Thank you so much!

Shari Sunday

What a wonderful story. I really enjoyed it. I have to say I would have no idea how to clean a turkey, but if the occasion ever arises, I will remember your description. My Aunt Esther used to catch a chicken, wring it's neck, pluck and clean it and fry it up and that was just for lunch!

Mary Moga

Lovely, Gayla. You paint such vivid pictures!

Inge Steglitz

So much more detail than I remember from the first written version I saw. Also makes me wonder which German holiday I would re-create with such fervor if I were in such a very different culture at the time. Beautiful!


Yes, I am making stuffing from scratch, but I don't plan on stuffing the turkey. You could send some snow down here, but I don't think everyone else will be happy about it! I'm hoping there will be a big storm while we are home for Christmas but not when we are trying to get there/leave. Crossing our fingers!

Jennifer DeCamp

What a great memory! Remember the teeny tiny oven? And making marshmallows and whipped cream by hand (with no whisk or egg beater)?

Cathy Ramer

Stumbled upon this story while searching Google for something. What a charming story. But also it described a historic background for the time and place. May all of you who were present at that Thanksgiving continue to share precious holiday memories with one another...

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